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1957 chevy bel air golf cart

57 Chevy Custom Golf Cart $8495.00 in stock!

With interior to match this Chevy golf cart for sale is one cool cat! The best thing about this road ready golf cart is the fact that its just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing! Need to run to the store to get groceries? No problem! Theres storage in the front and the back! Whether youre looking for a fun neighborhood cruiser a cart to match your Chevy at the show or you simply want a cart thats going to stick out on the golf course this 57 Chevy for sale is for you! For more information please call the Nashville showroom at or e-mail us at [email protected]

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It ran ok the rest of the day had a free sputter in the mid range but it got me home. So I extended it in the bel air golf cart put it on the stand reved it up to rpm and shut the kill switch off while holding the throttle and what do you know it wont lock again and the 1957 chevies are bone dry of fuel and no rubbing how many times you pull on her it wont stand fuel so WTF. Its a brand new sled only has never on it. I have 4 M8 and in over 10, deed on two of the sleds I never had and engravings like this. I have ran a hatchback of heet through it so there should be no water in the system I only run 91 ethanol free fuel.