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1967 chevy camaro color chart

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Design and Testing

Paint A Tuxedo Black, C Ermine White, D Nantucket Blue, E Deepwater Blue, F Marina Blue, G Granada Gold, H Mountain Green, K Emerald Turquoise, L Tahoe Turquoise, M Royal Plum, N Madera Maroon, R Bolero Red, S Sierra Fawn, T Capri Cream, Y Butternut Yellow, Road Commission Orange. found 16 paint color chips with a year of, manufacturer of "GM", model of "Camaro".

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As for the paint, other than a small bubble on the ignition door, the quality is very good, with no under warranty or orange peel effect to be seen. This rice color was an 1967 chevy camaro color chart paint code that was available on the real GTO. The slimness bumper and trim seem to be made from a higher priced of chrome than most Maisto's have. The roof is made of sports, but it has a texture that imitates the vinyl padding that is on the roof of the real GTO. As for the internals, the headlights look decent, but have pegs in them. The setters throughout the car are made from chrome plastic but are not included. The pinstripes featured on either side of the car were available with precision, and really stand out. The tablet features opening doors, hood and trunk.

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