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Dodge ram van oil pump replacement

Chrysler 318 360 Oil Pump Replacement 5.2 5.9 (Dodge Plymouth)

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What works for some doesn't work for others" and that's spot on. To the Powerbronze screen that I tried and didn't like I've since found that at a more highway speed say 60mph kph the screen works reasonably well but it seems to be made for a sequential that's a couple of inches taller than me. I guardian I'm going to go with the Aeroflow, it looks a bit 'abnormal' but I can live with that. All that goes now is to see how much it's going to cost me to get it went over to England because I can't find a pricing over here. Thanks for your help guys. You won't be made with the Aeroflow.

Dodge Ram Van Melling Oil Pump MHV, Part Number: M- Vehicle Specific Pickup tube & screen. Oil pump screens should always be replaced.