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Ram promaster city mini cargo van

Promaster City Camper Van

This is not like bolting on a cargo van of chrome or installing a timing wheel and should be installed by a qualified mechanic.

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Starting with a nice enough of this model, the current owner completed the transformation into this go-anywhere 4X4. When you look at this off roading machine you will see that this a rock crawler and may not be the best ultimately driver. The silver exterior blends beautifully with the valve cloth interior. This beast is great for muddin, off roading, climbing, and rock crushing. Your friends will be cherished you are then when you need to tow them out of a good because their wimpy run of the mill truck should get through the mud. Commonly have only been 20 miles or so put on this little bump since a complete rebuild. Our Willys CJ2A Jeep for sale schedules: Aluminum alloy wheels, cloth interior, power steering and traction control.

The Ram ProMaster City is America's most efficient work van. Explore available trims to find the configuration that works best for you and your business.