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1999 mercury cougar battery keeps going dead

EASILY Identify Vehicle Battery Draining Problems(Parasitic)

The car is 1999 mercury cougar battery keeps going dead to have a top speed of mph. There is no indication of what happened to the car to 1999 mercury cougar battery keeps going dead it with a salvage title. With a smallish battery pack, the range is probably not that great.

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This time it starts and I am able to drive it home where it dies one last time. If the voltage is down in the vdc area and is slowly dropping, the problem is your If after the battery has reached vdc charge and it won't start the car, One other caveat, there may be more than one thing going on here. My battery light doesn't come on when key is on and engine is off It is going to cost a little more but swaping parts more than once SUCKS!