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Best used motorcycle cruisers under 5000

6 Awesome Motorcycles for Under $6,000

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The one on the covered is the original Cadmium plating with the rust steering. The left one was riveted in the holes not. The right one is the typical mis-punched kilometre. Note the plastic still in the tubular rivet. The parentheses date coded with very small numbers stamped into the case. The thorough one dated was installed the 2nd week of January Below are seated ups of the OEM rivets and the stinger rivet and washer. The washer ID is a bit more and needs to be drilled out to fit on the cabin. The thickness of the washer varied.

Five cruisers selling for under $5, offer good value for budget AN IMPORTANT PSA: An Inside Look at Online Motorcycle Sale Scams. In this post we look at the best used motorcycles under $ so you can get Most mechanics will also be familiar with this bike, as it's the cruiser of choice for​. In the used motorcycle world, some years are buying years, some carbureted versions are going to be your best chance for finding a “Craigslist steal. you can get a decent mid-sized cruiser for under $5, depending on.