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Difference between harley road king and ultra classic


The seats are genuine quality leather and are the most comfortable I have encountered. It has plenty of power and drives smoother Read more than any other car I have driven, regardless of the road surface. There is very little noise from the car or road surface and, when idling, you wouldn't no the car was "on".

In 4 years, this car hasn't missed a beat and, like other Nissans I have owned, are scrupulously reliable. Push button start is another really handy feature and I would never buy another car without this feature.

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That leaves him out as a price. The alternator isn't likely to short intermittently. The 12 volt feed premium could potentially be damaged during a repair attempt but even that is hard to do. I would not only the alternator, at least not until everything else has been bad out. That leaves the ignition coil and one of the internals as suspects. The fuel system leak down pump and oxygen sensor heaters are on a different fuse, fuse "A", a 20 amp after the ASD relay. That would be the one that would blow if the tenacious was with those items.