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Is the 2018 lincoln continental rear wheel drive

2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label Thoroughbred Chroma Elite Copper Rear Seat Package, $80,000

POV drive of the amazing Lincoln Continental Black Label! http The Lincoln Continental Reserve Is A Hard To Find Gem Among Higher Priced Luxury Cars, : Vehicle Visionary 3 .

We have an Audi crossover in our driveway this week and the infotainment MMI is very difficult to use even when parked. However, given their observations on the other negative aspects of the NX, we are sure they were honest and correct. Do these things make the NX one of the five worst cars for sale in all of the U. The NX is very close to being the sales leader in this very hot and very crowded class of vehicles.

It is outselling the Lincoln and BMW models by nearly 2 to 1 and has since it was launched many months ago.

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