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New yamaha 3 wheel motorcycle

New Yamaha NIKEN, Technical video one: Product overview

Yamaha has unveiled a new motorcycle that will be coming as a model called the Niken. One glance at the photos and you can see this isn’t your typical. This new three wheeler will blow your mind! The Yamaha Niken is a crazy new three wheel motorbike that is turning heads and making waves! See the entire.

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I appreciate the sonar that lets me know when I am too much to other cars or other obstacles. It makes parking a major. I wish it had a back-up pushchair, but that came in later models. It is being to upgrade.

Yamaha NIKEN Sport Touring Motorcycle, Photo Gallery, Video, Specs, Leaning Multi‑Wheel technology delivers a high feeling of stability when. Yamaha's three-wheeled Niken represents a magnificent engineering achievement, and a revolutionary step forward in the sport touring. Yamaha NIKEN, one of the most intriguing new bikes for a decade. Oh, and just for the record; it's not a trike because trikes don't lean.