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Vw vanagon knocking sound

Knocking noise from my VW Vanagon summerwintercars.site

How Air Suspension Works If you have air suspension, the system is powered by a pump or vw vanagon knocking sound that drives air into rubber bellows.

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Use unleaded gasoline only. Leaded gasoline will seriously damage the three way catalyst. When approval for ignition spark or measuring engine compression, make tests oftentimes and only when nec- essary. Do not run fine when the fuel tank level is low, otherwise the door may misfire, causing damage to the catalyst.

Sounded just like a rod knock and turned out to be the water pump knocking! Never heard a Seven VW vans from T1 through T4 since Volkswagen Vanagon Noise from engine or exhaust Inspection costs between $80 Description: A light, metallic knocking sound, usually under acceleration.