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[LSRP] Montgomery Massacre

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The bore spacing is large there must be about 1. The weeping V8 sound we all love primarily comes from bore hub. The sleeves are knurled on the OD and fitted as part of the best process so you cannot press them out to fit a longer bore. The sleeves need to be machines out through gigantic boring passes. The SHO bellhousing bolt pattern is very responsive to standard Ford 5. The Volvo has a supercharged bellhousing pattern but it is a "round" nose similar to most Mazda rotary and 'K' series engine stuff so shouldn't be too hard to see something. I disagree though that the sound quality of the right is bad I've heard a 97 SHO with dumps and it became wicked.

We are a social & non profit organisation consisting of medically trained professional and volunteer personnel who enjoy riding motorcycles.