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Audi rs6 performance vs lamborghini

Audi RS6 ABT VS. E63S, R8 V10 ABT, 1000HP GTR, Huracán, GT63-4 door, GT2 RS!

During the deutsche meisterschaft i've filmed the Drag Race between the Audi RS6 vs the Lamborghini Huracan! What a feeling! Enjoy If you liked.

The car can use 19" wheels but the rear wheels can be no wider than Wide body cars can use the performance lamborghini body wheels in 18x11 et45mm for the rear. Seen below the fitment on the narrow body using a 10" wide rear audi rs6 at 50 off-set.

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Apply the E-brake on and put it in the roughest gear so that you can move the trim out of the way. Next you have 4 7mm valves holding the cluster in, aswell as the gear indicator clip on the overall. Now the cluster is out, there is another 7 6mm bolts holding the front clear plastic cover, and 3 more in the back end a blue metal cover on. Take these off and you'll have specific to the 4 bulbs that light the bearing cluster. I had to cut out holes where the grilles go because they are taller than the filament bulbs.