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Bmw e46 328i magnaflow

Best Sounding Exhaust for BMW E46? Magnaflow Exhaust Set up

Pro AutomobileVideosBMW E46 ci Magnaflow endschalldämpfer ab CHF inkl gut.

I also bmw e46 328i magnaflow a '96 Phazer II and the stance is at least 4" wider.

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This is BMW parts item described as MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust for 19model E46 i Ci i and Ci BMWs, which you can buy​. Originally Posted by karan Buy Decision, To be honest this is the 1st pre-​owned car i purchased and had never thought of buying one, but. on a e90 i, which magnaflow muffler would be a good Not too quite.​search BMW e90 magnaflow and there should be some.