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1966 chevy nova project car for sale

1966 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova Sport Coupe Build Project

So theres one for sale over here thats a Tommy Kaira edition and I thought maybe you guys in here have some more info about this car. Thanks hi i have got one of this tommy kaira gtst r33 skylines and i can tell u that it is an awesome car. I have been searching internet for moths to find out as much as possible about M25 edition and there is no info about them what so ever I've heard that on r33 gtst was only modified interior kph clocks, gauges - oil,exhaust,boost, steering wheel, pedal set, exterior - body kit, rear spoiler, 18" alloys black ones was a limited edition and as an option u could choose only one of this: abs, sun roof or seats.

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It also has a tape player. This car runs strong well for over, miles. Pros My favorite features include the CD distraction, tape player, and beautiful leather seats. It has good ergonomics and a wide wheel base.