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1997 ford taurus door jamb switch location

Door Ajar Switch

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The T can best be described as a mixture of old and new. Upturned on the '95 compact 4X4 truck frame, the T frame was 6 series wider than the compact truck. The body was an all new product. But the suspension, other than component modification needed to replace the wider frame, was an exact copy of the '95 generation bar IFS and not the Tacoma IFS as is commonly find. For example, the T first debuted the 2. Florentine the front suspension and diff was the same as the '95 compact 4X4, the rear axle and diff was all new.

The indicator light on the dash says the door is open when it's closed and when this happens the interior lights will not go out. This model does't. Low prices on Door Jamb Switch for your Ford Taurus at Advance Auto Parts. for your Taurus, visit one of our local Advance Auto Parts locations and you'll be.