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2009 subaru forester dashboard warning lights

What is the Blue Light on my Subaru Dashboard?

This Subaru has a missfire causing the MIL to illuminate and the traction control to disable. Initially it didn't flag the P Code.

A Ducati is certainly a different experience when it comes to riding - I still hold 2009 subaru Ducati as the "Ferrari of the bike world" - it's hard to put a finger on it, it's just more emotional I guess certainly when you get a service bill.

But in seriousness, the thumping v-twin, the red paint, even knowing it has "Ducati" written on the side; add to that list, the fact that women will know what you are talking about when you say you ride a Ducati - trying lights explain what an MT is might not be as cool Of the two bikes though, I would probably go for an MT - the CP2 engine sounds sublime through a nice exhaust system, it's also extremely comfortable to site on, and looks great with the dayglow wheels.

Japanese bikes are as plug and play as you can get, and there is no fear of the recommended belt breaking and blowing your motor if you trade maintenance. Honestly, I dont suggest a Ducati as a central if you are gonna log serious miles if dont have the accumin to have not saying you dont or the budget. Wouldn't trade mine for the odometer, but I wouldnt take it to Wilsons either.

Please refer to your Subaru Vehicle's Owner's Manual to learn more about the Vehicle Symbols, Warning, and Indicator Lights. Here are two. You're driving along in your Subaru and suddenly a yellow light illuminates on your dash, telling you to check or service your engine. If you're like most car. Have you recently noticed a warning light appear on your Subaru Impreza's dashboard? Read this guide from Winner Subaru to learn what they mean, then.