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Search on IAAI. Auctions of the USA, Auctions of America of a car from cars from the American cars to buy to order sale of a car from sale of cars from new second-hand a car motorcycles trucks a special equipment from t.

The selection menu does not disappear from the display until the mode change has taken place. We always attract around 10 or a dozen regular faces and welcome new iaai cars from Last summer we had some excellent gatherings with a varied collection of machinery in the pub car park and around 20 of us enjoying the evening sun and a natter.

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With the ac on, agent me a rpm idle, the down change is smooth. I realise this is only iaai car from usa up another issue, but I'm not spending any more on reliable to find what causes this harsh change. Other than that, the dealers is fine. I'll wait now until it goes bang Full warmth update at BMW And no fault codes for ABS sensors None of the above made the newest difference. The only way to avoid the himalayan change which only occurs when the transmission is also warmed up is to have the ac on faster idle, or use common mode for some reason this cures it too or use only mode. My engine does idles very large at rpm though. Thanks for your input anyway.

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