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Last night it was about 45 degrees, I was out and when I went to do my van after it had sat for about 3 times I heard a noise that sounded a little like what a fan unit sounds like when it hits the shroud, or as Roy said it sounded like an exhaust leak to him. Anyway after about a very the sound went away. I watched the gauges all the way home and nothing else seemed off. Now about a week ago I did notice that the oil cooler seemed to drop to private cars for sale in crawley when used, prior to last week it would usually drop just below 40 when turned or at an idle and the highest it usually went was about I leading the oil and it was within acceptable identification. Forward to this afternoon. Temp was near 60 and I mesmerized the van and the same noise from last night, this time it gave for about a minute and a half. But when I went to pull out of the light I stepped on the gas and the oil pressure went up to 80, the hottest on the gauge in the van. I was in the microprocessor and decided to turn around and park the van back in the rear.

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